Guest Posting Is Far From Dead

Enjoy a guest post service that brings both
traffic and link power now.

Guest Posting Is Far From Dead

Enjoy a guest post service that brings both
traffic and link power now.

Everyone Just Doing It Wrong!

This is a truly special service for people who wish to really grow their business. It also proves that what many experts believe is wrong!

Guest posting has been touted by many to be like website suicide. Why?

Because most people do it wrong.

Most services are unable to get quality results.

For many the idea of getting a guest post is just to get another link.

Something they do to influence SERPs and nothing else. That is when guest posts are dangerous. Because people get them from shady sites which will land them in trouble. Exactly what you wouldn’t want.

You shouldn’t ever endanger your business like that.

You shouldn’t ever endanger your business like that.

That Is Why You Need To Use A Quality Guest Post Service[h2]The whole reason you embark on any digital marketing or SEO campaign, is to grow your business.


The goal of getting links is to boost site power.

With that site power then raising you up through the ranks of Google.

Things have changed with search. Yet few have changed how they work with search changes. That is where this guest blogging service stands out from the crowd.

Digital Planet goes way beyond what most believe we would.

How do we do that?

We get you a guest post on a real site, with real traffic.


Your ultimate goal is to grow your business. Yes?
Google knows this.
Google also understands that a link is worthless. Unless people are clicking on it.
For a long time they struggled to incorporate this  into their algorithm. So they made other changes. All of which were to eliminate web spam, and the dodgy services that created it. They have massively evolved in the last few years and become exceptionally good at working out what is real and quality.
The traffic that goes to sites is now a real factor.
Traffic that clicks on links has also become a factor of quality.
Face it.

PPrivate Blog network vs Guest posts

Site With Zero Traffic = Site With Zero Value

A link on a site with zero traffic realistically has zero value. No-one will be able to click the link if no-one ever goes to the page or site that link is on.

So how could you ever expect such a link to have any real worth?

Yet a site that had traffic. That had real visitors, who enjoyed it’s content regularly.
Well a link there, that would have serious value.

When you get links from real sites that have traffic Google takes a very different view. It puts much more faith into those links.

That is why authority links are so valuable and why everyone wants them.

Posts On Sites With Traffic = Posts On Sites With Value

Traffic is a sign that people value the recommendation and that it means something.
So getting links that can provide you more traffic is the way forward. Those links also can bring you more business. So you can get power and sales.
Surely that is the best thing for any business!

The Super Simple Way This Guest Blogging Service Works


You let us know the urls you wish to rank and what you wish to rank for.


We get our experienced staff to reach out to owners of real sites that suit your needs best.


Highly skilled writers craft content that is compelling and people will love.


Your link is inserted into that quality blog post in a way to get it maximum effect.


The blog post goes live on a quality site and it’s time to enjoy the results it brings.

That is super simple. Realistically your work is done in minutes.
Digital Planet however puts in a huge amount of work on your behalf. With writers and other specialists grafting to get you amazing results.
We work to get you amazing value.

So What Is The Value You Get? What Are The Benefits?

All from just telling us what you wish to achieve and then doing whatever you wish to, while we do the heavy lifting.

Sound Good? Then Let This Guest Post Service Power Up Your Business

With every high quality guest post you get us to create for you, you get links from different unique websites.

You also gain the opportunity for traffic from those sites, as well as from Google due to the ranking increases that are open to being enjoyed.
Your business and your brand become better known.
You get the results you have been desiring.
That is what this guest posting service is ready to do for you, just choose to let us loose on your behalf and enjoy the results.